Newly Licensed Agents

Congratulations on passing the grueling California Real Estate Exam!
So What Do You Do Now?

Dilbeck Real Estate provides our new sales partners with the highest level of new agent training. We offer our exclusive 2 week Express to Success program taught by the Branch Managers from our 14 offices throughout the Greater Los Angeles area. Express to Success is a program designed to jump-start your career in real estate.

Express to Sucess

Day 1 | Orientation Day
The company introduction to our in-house Marketing Department, Relocation and Affiliated Services, Legal Aspects.

Day 2 | Organization Day
Tech Tools, Overview of Contracts

Day 3 | Prospecting Day
Where your clients will come from

Day 4 | Seller Services Day
Listing Appointments, Forms, Marketing

Day 5 | Buyer Services Day
How to service your buyer clients; Qualifying, Selecting & Presenting properties

Day 6 | Residential Purchase Agreement
A full day to explain this most important form

Day 7 | Finalizing an Agreement Presenting the offer.
The role of the buyer’s agent. The role of the seller’s agent.

Day 8 | The Escrow Period & Team Day
The escrow process, title insurance, the mortgage approval process

Day 9 | Other Activities
Leases, short sales, REOs, trusts, probate, special circumstances. An afternoon of hands-on preparation of an offer.

Day 10 | Commitment Day
Setting goals, business plan, evaluations of different methods of prospecting, platinum advantage & evaluations.

8 Weeks to Success
Following Express to Success is Dilbeck’s 8 Weeks to Success program. This personalized Mentorship program is designed to cater to your individual experience level and provide a structured list of tasks and instruction to complete, with the help of your Mentor, that are designed to move you quickly toward success in your real estate career.

This program is designed as a map for success for you to work one on one with your Mentor to develop the skills you need, implement them and receive weekly feedback A series of training modules from the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World Learning Institute are available for you to complete at your own pace. These will supplement your education, expand your horizons and help you better understand the specific tasks and tools you need to develop your business.

Our Mentorship Program will provide you one on one instruction for your first three transactions.